How does Orphne work?

Orphne works like any other search engine on the web. It has a spider program that surfs the web, looking for links to free porn. These links are catalogued in the Orphne database, which the client program uses to search. The client gets the links as a result of the search, then downloads the html and parses it for display.

How do I make sure my site is crawled?

We don't currently have an automated site-submission form, but this is forthcoming. If you'd like to recommend your site for crawling, you can send us an email at

Can I set up some sort of automatic indexing or update for my site with you?

Contact us at

What if I don't want my site included?

The Orphne crawler respects the robots.txt file, and the robots META tag. Additionally, the HTTP referer header will be set to "orphne," if you care to block that.

Please note, if you do not want your site indexed on Orphne, neither do we. Our goal is to provide significant beneficial traffic to the sites we index. If you don't feel that Orphne traffic is a benefit to your site and are have trouble blocking it, please contact us.

Wow, this is cool. How can I use this on my site?

If you would like a custom-branded version of Orphne and a customized database for exclusive use on your adult-oriented site, please contact us via email (, and we'll be happy to discuss this with you.